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PUC/DUO pledge of service

DUO pledges to spend staff time and resources to help you understand how to overcome regulatory roadblocks and hurdles with CCN and rate applications at the PUC.

About Receivership and Temporary Managers

The Texas Water Code authorizes the PUC to seek receivership or temporary management for investor-owned or affected county water or sewer utilities if the utility system has been abandoned or for the blatant disregard of previous enforcement actions such as violation of a commission order or a final judgment from a district court. 

A temporary manager or receiver is responsible for ensuring the continued operation of the utility and the provision of continuous and adequate service to the customers. If you are interested in becoming a temporary manager or receiver, contact us at

Financial, Managerial & Technical Assistance (FMT)

The PUC recognizes that retail water and wastewater utilities need help in complying with complex utility regulations. Through our contractor, we offer free on-site assistance for these utilities so that they may provide better service at a just and reasonable rate to their customers. 

Communities, utilities, property owner groups, and individuals can all benefit when a utility takes advantage of our financial and managerial assistance program.

We are here to Help

Notify PUC - DUO if you need help.

If you operate a water or sewer utility and need help, contact the Division of Utility Outreach (DUO)  

Phone: 512.936.7405 or Email:

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