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NEWS: Waco Water Utility Services Raising Awareness of Bill Payment Scam

June 11, 2020
Categories: Coverage

Scam alert notice for the Waco area as caller impersonates water utility

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WACO, Texas – Multiple incidents have been reported involving an unknown individual claiming to be from the City of Waco Water Department and attempting to collect payments for water service.

All reported incidents have involved individuals receiving a phone call from what appears to be the City of Waco Water Utility Services phone number. In each case, an unidentified individual claims to be from the City of Waco, claims water service will be disconnected, and attempts to collect an immediate payment.

Customers suspicious about any communication claiming to be from City of Waco Water Utility Services should stop and immediately call 299-CITY (2489) to verify the information.

If you feel you have been the victim of a water payment fraud, please notify the City of Waco Water Utility Services Department (299-2489) and report the fraud to the Waco Police Department (750-7500).